Gosselin’s GSD puppies

I used to be a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Then they started the product placements and I got tired of Juicy Juice being a weekly cast member. Then all the vacations and it started to feel like a quirky travel channel program — Family of 10 goes to ____ (fill in the blank for whatever resort wanted the advertising that week).

When the program became The Train Wreck Formerly Known as Jon and Kate Plus 8 I stopped watching. Well, except for the episode where they bought not one but TWO GSD puppies.

My first thought was “what responsible breeder sells a couple with 8 kids TWO puppies?” In that episode they brought home their two puppies and I agreed with Kate’s sentiment, “what were we thinking?”

The next few weeks the pups were seen floating, on their own, out in the yard. They came into the house’s basement only, and only to eat and sleep.

For several weeks I silently boycotted the show.  Reports of Jon with various young women, reports of Kate purchasing a condo near her bodyguard, all bad karma and not worth my time.

But I decided to catch a re-run of the new season — Kate’s turn with the kids and they want to go camping so she’s going to set up tents in the yard and roast marshmallows over an open fire. Right.  With an assist from her personal assistant and the film crew, this struggling (?) mother of 8 puts together an evening for the kids.

And, guess what was missing?  Two GSD pups.  Please, please, please tell me the breeder took them back.

I know most folks will worry about the kids. But these kids have been raised with 4-6 members of a camera crew in their faces and they live in a million + dollar home. I think they’ll be taken care of. Hopefully they won’t follow their parents’ example and each of their lives won’t become the same train wreck.

But I worry about the puppies. Did they run off?  Did they get hit by a car?  Did someone steal them?  Or did the breeder answer his phone, talk to the program producer, and agree to take them back?

I notice also, by the way, that the program has a new producer and interviewer. Perhaps Kate’s producer and confidant decided to move on to another family …


2 Responses to “Gosselin’s GSD puppies”

  1. sligo Says:

    if they really went to a breeder hopefully the breeder got wind of all of this and stepped in. But honestly, what breeder would sell two puppies into that massive train wreck of a family.

    I hope the puppies are ok: you’re right that the kids will work out, the dogs maybe not.

  2. 2mindogtrainer Says:

    In an episode months ago it showed the whole family (all 10 of them!) going to the GSD breeder’s for their new puppies. What a circus that was. And the funniest part, for me, was seeing Kate writing a check for the puppies. She acted like she never expected to be asked to PAY for the puppies after years of getting stuff for free in exchange for advertisement.

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