Marsha Houston blog – 2min dog trainer – It’s ON with Haymitch

Just mailed my entries to ARF’s TDAA trial August 18-19, reserved my room, and talked Bud into staying here that weekend to veg out with 5 dogs so I can focus solely on Haymitch.

It’s ON like Donky Kong!

Now I’ve got to start doing longer and longer sequences.  I’m thinking that a series of “Minuet” sequences might be good conditioning for both of us.

Wheee !!!  A dangerous situation — me and my FIRST teacup dog all my own.

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2 Responses to “Marsha Houston blog – 2min dog trainer – It’s ON with Haymitch”

  1. Linda Says:

    I was just about to e-mail you asking if you’d post a picture of Haymitch, and there was one on Bud’s blog. Could there be some Corgi in that little cutie? The Corgis in our club are really crazy about agility. Have a fun time at your upcoming trial!

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