2-minute dog trainer – training 2 dogs simultaneously

The second check from a local dog-training business has bounced. Bud’s been stiffed for a seminar fee AND all his expenses related to an April 21-22 seminar. The seminar was full and healthy. My blog addressing our frustration with this issue is in the works.

In other news — I realize I’m taking on a lot, adding Haymitch, a little chihuahua / corgi mix to our pack when Phoenix is only 6 months old.

But I have the time, now that we’ve formally closed our training center (we do just camps, seminars, private lessons, and building rentals), and I’ve noticed that my priorities are changing again.

My primary interest is training Phoenix, though Haymitch will probably enter a trial ring several months earlier than Phoenix.

My goal with Phoenix is to develop distance and speed skills which will allow him to move at his natural speed while I move slowly.

My goal with Haymitch is to develop obstacle skills, and confidence skills, which will allow him to attend TDAA trials and have some fun.

The dogs are really on two different training tracks. I’m interested in knowing if any of my readers have experienced this, and how you tracked progress.

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