2-minute-dog-trainer, TDAA ideas

We’re tinkering with a couple of ideas for TDAA programs.  Bud and I both believe that our number one customer, our primary focus, needs to be the TDAA host clubs.

Our first emphasis when all the TDAA materials and files arrive is to establish a working list of clubs currently offering TDAA trials.  Where there are no TDAA clubs we’ll work with interested small dog people to get clubs started.

Where there are clubs working hard to offer TDAA trials, we will work to help them profit (or, at least, break even) on their TDAA trials.  Note … we’re eliminating the overly-intrusive judge’s reimbursement plan and — to help clubs control their bottom line better — also eliminating the limitations on hiring judges. Also, we’re offering deeply discounted recording fees (the money you pay TDAA for each dog’s run) for small, less profitable, trials.

We are committing to visiting each TDAA trial group every year.

This will be more than just a visit, as Bud or I will provide one day of FREE teacup workshops at TDAA host club locations. These should be scheduled before or after a trial weekend. One of us will arrive (with our teacup Sheltie, Hazard, in tow whenever possible) and teach a teacup workshop.

We will pay for our own travel expenses, our own room and board, and will run Hazard in your trial. Your free workshop can take place at your trial site, or at your training site.

You may allow your students and trial exhibitors to attend for free, or you may charge enough to break even or profit from the workshop.

At the same time, we’re striving to provide the best possible customer service to those hundreds of agility enthusiasts who currently show in TDAA.

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