2-minute dog trainer, TDAA politics

Dear (member’s name) —
I hear your frustration.  I believe this week will bring some answers to your questions.
I wasn’t at the Petit Prix, I’m not on the current BOD for TDAA, I’m not a software developer, and I’m not a member of the scoring team that worked so diligently in Washington.
I am, however, a long-time observer of people’s reactions when Bud Houston steps out of his “exhibitor” role and tries to right a wrong in a trial situation.
I can tell you for a fact that there would have been as many people angry at Bud if he’d stomped into the scoring area, changed the process, altered the software, instituted manual scoring, demanded to know why it wasn’t working, etc.  If the scoring was corrected using a manual process, the 3-4-hour delay would have meant dozens of angry exhibitors.
I’m certain that several people, seeing Bud and Hazard in the final round after the aforementioned stomping and demanding, would have said “he probably changed the rules to get there.”
Right or wrong, Bud chose to stay in exhibitor mode due to concerns about conflict-of-interest accusations, and regrets it now.  Hindsight is 20-20.
That doesn’t explain why everyone else responsible is silent, of course.
Regarding your questions on the Near and Far scoring, I believe an answer has been discovered and I’m certain those responsible are reading your post, this post, and will be anxious to clear up misconceptions.
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Marsha Houston @ Country Dream
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