2-minute dog trainer, a short excursion into TDAA politics

I’m going to be posting some of my responses to TDAA members’ questions here on my blog. I hope to journal this transition and use my blog to develop my answers in greater depth than an e-mail list can provide.

I believe Bud and I would provide better leadership of TDAA for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:  

1) I believe Bud and I will provide TDAA with more responsive leadership (Bud was addressing the 2010 Petit Prix issues within 48 hours while the TDAA board of directors as a body has yet to respond to members’ frustration and concerns after 10+ days), 

2) I believe Bud and I know that where there is power there is responsibility (Bud hesitated to step out of exhibitor mode at the 2010 Petit Prix semi-finals and demand manual scoring because of conflict-of-interest concerns, a hesitation he regrets now), 

3) I believe that dog agility, whatever the flavor, whether we’re training or trialing, should be an enjoyable diversion from the stresses of day-to-day life (versus the angry recriminations, blame-laying, and personal attacks I’m witnessing from supporters or board members),  and

4) We believe that the strength of TDAA lies within the membership of TDAA host clubs, not a board of directions (after the transition we’ll keep a board of advisors and welcome member input into programs and systems).

Of the 7-8 agility organizations existing in the United States currently, many are privately-held businesses.  Organizations like USDAA, NADAC, CPE, and DOCNA are run by individuals with boards of advisors. Members of these organizations are encouraged to provide input. Members are treated as customers.

Please be reassured that our conflict is with the failure in project management by the TDAA Board of Directors, not with the input of the TDAA membership.

We ask that you transfer your voting proxy to Bud Houston for this transition, after which your voting privileges will be restored and your influence over TDAA programs and policies will be welcomed. Transfer your proxy to Bud by e-mailing him at budhouston@hughes.net or by e-mailing me at marshahouston@hughes.net

More later …

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