2-minute dog trainer, a call to action

The following message has been forwarded to TDAA members, judges, and friends. Most of you are readers of Bud’s blog (http://budhouston.wordpress.com) but I’ll copy Bud’s message here for all my readers. Consider this my journal entry for 10/20/10.

Dear TDAA Fans and Members,

My name is Bud Houston, founder, and current president of the TDAA.

Today I am making a bid to take-over of the TDAA to restore control and ownership of the association to me and my wife Marsha Houston, of Waterford, Ohio. It is our intention to run the organization as a privately-held not-for-profit Limited Liability Corporation.

I have an internet-based description of my intention to assume control of the TDAA. Please follow this link to get more information: http://wp.me/p18bml-1.

Simply put, the new TDAA will not be less of an agility organization, just less of a bureaucracy. Rather than focusing on running board meetings and creating policy, we’ll focus on growing clubs and creating a supportive environment for the running of teacup agility dogs.

Note that this “take-over” is not a done deal. To make happen this I’m asking that you assign your member voting proxy to me for a short period of time, after which it is restored to you. With sufficient proxy ballots I can carry any election or ballot initiative of the TDAA. I will return the proxy when the deed is done. A simple email would be enough. Send to: BudHouston@hughes.net.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

Bud Houston

Postscript from Marsha … I’m in total agreement with Bud on this issue, and believe we (with the support of all TDAA members, judges, and friends) can improve TDAA through supporting the growth of TDAA clubs. I believe we can work together to create an organization that nurtures the handlers of little agility dogs.

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