2-minute dog trainer, Tempest week 3

With patience and consistency Tempest is starting to dedicate himself to me. He finds me fascinating.

This week we continued to wait for Tempest to SIT before letting him out of a crate or ex-pen or door. He’s caught on to this game quickly and, within a 5-second period of time, will offer a sit / down / sit / fidget / down / sit / fidget / rearrange the sit / stare at my face / look at my hand / down / sit / fidget / etc.

You get the picture. I want him to settle a bit, so I’m looking for a 1-2 second pause in the action, in a nice tucked sit, before opening the gate.

An important note to anyone practicing this type of training — unhook all the crate / pen latches while holding the door shut with your hand. Get the behavior and immediately open the door. That’s the only way the door can open quickly enough when puppy has achieved his performance objectives.

If you have to unlatch the door after he achieves his 1-2-second sit, you make him wait and the reward comes too late.

I’m also continuing with the “meet 100 people in 100 days.” He’s met men and women of all ages and sizes, as well as children and teens. He’s been very eager and appropriate with everyone, though he tends to sit for strangers rolled onto one hip with his belly exposed — a bit of grovelling mixed in with his greeting.

Here at home we don’t encourage grovelling, either for people or other dogs. Kory grovelled for all our dogs and we limited his access to them due to this behavior. Tempest doesn’t grovel for dogs at all, normally. Just people.

We’re continuing with the loose-leash walking as well, and Tempest got to visit 4 cemetaries with us yesterday. In and out of the car, walking around the cemetary, experiencing new stuff, all great for a puppy.

Today Tempest had his first bath. He fidgetted a bit at first but, when rewarded with a bit of food from his bowl, he calmed down and stood patiently.

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