2-min. dog trainer, a Tempest brag

I’ve lived with aussies and shelties for 14+ years.

Banner, my first aussie, hated children. If she heard them she wanted to run them off.

Other aussies have been either good with hoards of children, great with kids one-on-one, or terrified of hoards of children.

I was interested to know what sort of bravery and confidence my pup would show with groups of kids. I often do outreach programs and my dogs occasionally are asked to meet groups of well-behaved children. This is going to be one of Tempest’s jobs in his life with me.

My pup is 11 weeks old tomorrow. Today he visited my sister’s grade school at their lunch recess.

As we approached the school the kids were walking laps and shouting, screaming, singing, etc. (Just ask your teacher friends what a hellish situation they face in the last 14 days of school. Were we that bad? <g>)

I was carrying Tempest because the pavement was hot and I didn’t want to frighten him. When he heard the kids he tried to claw his way out of my arms and get back to the truck.

I just kept encouraging him, stopped forward movement occasionally, and letting him calm himself.

As I approached the gate to the play yard my sister, Tempest’s favorite aunt, stepped forward.

Tempest was so happy to see a friendly face, and greeted Janice happily.

One by one the kids started coming up to pet the puppy. Tempest sat patiently, a big grin on his face, as the kids made a fuss over him.

Within minutes he was surrounded by 8-10 kids. He kept his butt on the floor, rotating his front feet to greet one kid after another.

I was so proud of him. When we were done greeting kids I called out, “T Come!” and he hopped up and followed me boldly out of the crowd of kids.

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