The end of an era, goodbye to good boys

Today Bud and I experienced yet another heartbreak.

After several months of rapidly failing health, Bogie and Birdie were allowed to pass this afternoon.

Both were very good boys.  Bogie was a brilliant, soft, and sweet sheltie. Birdie was a less-than-brilliant, intuitive, hard sheltie.

Both would do agility with anybody holding the string cheese. Both were consumate agility instructors, pointing out errors in movement to anyone bold enough to step to the start line with them.

I got to run Bogie for several years in TDAA, winning the annual Petit Prix with him on one occasion. Running Bogie was effortless, never having to worry about a dropped bar or a missed weave entry.

Both shelties always came out of their crates ready to play the game, regardless of heat or cold or rain or snow.

They were priceless, unforgettable, and I’ll miss our sheltie boys.

Bogie, “TACh MACh ADCH Trinity’s Jusdandy Bogart MX MXJ,” April 1996-May 2010 … winner of the 16″ division at the Sheltie Nationals and TDAA Petit Prix more times than we can count.

Birdie, “TACh ADCH Trinity’s One Stroke Under Par MX MXJ,” June 1996-May 2010 … second only to Bogie in wins at the Sheltie Nationals and TDAA Petit Prix.

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2 Responses to “The end of an era, goodbye to good boys”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I remember those good boys well. I’m so sorry for your loss, but happy for the long lives and all the good times they had with you.

  2. Linda Stutz Says:

    I am so sad to learn of Bogie and Birdie’s passing. I am sure your hearts are breaking. May the the soft fur and eager greetings you get from Kory and T help console you and encourage you to find new joy in each day. Our Shelties live lives that are far too short, but I know that Bogie and Birdie had so many days, weeks and months of happy training and playing with you, and enjoyed their retirement in your beautiful country home.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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