showing Bud Kory’s new skill

I got home from swimming at 9:15 and Bud said he hadn’t fed dogs yet as he wanted to see how Kory’s new feeding protocol worked.

We all trooped to the basement and everyone ran inside. Kory was hesitant to assume his down position with the additional distraction of Daddy sitting nearby, so I put his leash on and tied him to the doorknob.

He sat, tied to the door, for a couple of minutes and then laid down. He stayed quiet while I prepared everyone’s food and put 9 bowls on the floor.

I picked up Kory’s bowl and my clicker, removed the leash from Kory’s neck (left it on the door knob) to see how he did without the additional cue of the leash around his neck.

He immediately danced below the bowl and dived in when his bowl hit the floor. On a couple of occasions he stopped chewing to watch the other dogs and, with his own breakfast nearly done, he wandered off to investigate the empty bowls.

I immediately put his leash on him and he completed his meal in a workmanlike fashion. By the time he finished the sharks were circling and I watched to see his response if a dog got too close to his bowl.

He didn’t react to the dogs. Instead he put his face further into the bowl and ate faster.  “Mine” was the message he was transmitting, and everyone understood.

Bud was suitably impressed.

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