the wrath of God

I’ve made the decision to relinquish the volunteer coordinator job at HSOV (Marietta’s local shelter) but continue providing training materials, and to continue training dogs and helping with adoptions.

The volunteer coordinator job has requirements I cannot fill — the coordinator :   1) needs to be at the shelter when the volunteers come,  2) needs to have some power to require orientations of all volunteers,  and 3) needs to lead volunteers to committed relationships with the shelter.

With the introduction of Hickory into our home I’ve not been able to go to the shelter for a few weeks, and I believe I need to give up that job and just continue as a volunteer when I’m able to resume visits to the shelter.

So 3 days ago I’d decided to announce this at last night’s board meeting and hand over all the applications which have been cluttering my desk for 6 months. Two days ago I was informed that another woman wanted the job. She’s a bit of a nut-job and no one on the staff can stand her. She’s very pushy, knows everything, brings a slew of out-of-control kids every time she visits, and generally wreaks havoc. I was asked to stay on just to thwart her efforts.

Since she has become a thorn in my side as volunteer coordinator (she refuses to be coordinated or follow anybody’s rules) I decided to stand with the staff, and against her.

First, since we’re hosting a training retreat and they asked for group dinners, I was responsible for feeding 8 people last evening, so timing became an issue. I figured if I left here at 6:15 I’d have no trouble making a 6:30 meeting.

Second, a huge storm loomed west of us as I drove to Marietta. I figured I’d beat the storm to town and be fine.

Third, I made a list of the things I’ve done as volunteer coordinator. I don’t mind quitting the job but I refuse to be fired from a volunteer position. <g>

Well, I figured wrong.   First, the meeting started at 6:00 p.m. so I was 15 minutes late before I ever left home. Second, the storm was all around us so it beat me to Marietta and I sat in my truck for 10 minutes while marble-sized hail beat down and sheets of rain struck (it looked like hurricane coverage by the Weather Channel). Third, no one tried to fire me and, since I arrived 45 minutes late for a 1-hour meeting, my information was anti-climactic to say the least.

So then I tried to get home. The storm was loaded with rain, so every street coming off Harmar Hill was closed due to water pouring down. All the street lights were out and 90% of the businesses were closed prematurely.

After attempting 3 ascents of Harmar Hill (Gilman Ave., Lancaster Street, Pearl Street) and being turned back by high, moving water, I headed south on Rt. 7 towards Belpre.

Instead of 20 minutes my drive home took slightly over an hour. Parts of Rt. 339 coming north out of Belpre were very wet though I experienced no flooding.  I couldn’t take my mind off the little section of Rt. 676 from Watertown to our place, just 2 miles, but 1.5 miles of that cruises alongside a little stream.  If that stream was flooded I’d be walking the last mile.

Thankfully it wasn’t and, as the last light was lost, I pulled thankfully into the driveway.

I’m not overly religious, in terms of organizations and the community of religious folks, but I AM superstitious, I guess.  I felt I’d dodged the wrath of God somehow.

But, if that storm was the wrath of God, what had everyone ELSE done to piss him off?

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