preparing for first camp

Our first camp for 2009 starts in just a few days!

My mother and I worked all day yesterday preparing cottages for campers. After a quiet, cold winter, the mice were convinced we’d turned both cottages over to them. We found a couple of stashes of nuts. The most interesting hiding places, from my point of view, were in the shower stalls.

These cottages are 200-300 yards apart, yet both had stashes of nuts in the shower, at the base of the shower curtains. I guess that’s just a perfectly private place to hide nuts from a mouse’s point of view.

At first my Mom was convinced that a squirrel had brought the nuts in. However, squirrels in the cottage wreak havoc so we gradually became convinced that mice were hauling these nuts into the house.

I keep traps around full time but every spring I have to go the extra mile to really push the critters OUT of our buildings. What each cottage may need is a cat. <g>

Today I’m going to work in the training building, setting up a better method for displaying our lending library of books and audio tapes/cds. I’m sure I’ll be sweeping up some cobwebs and mouse houses as well.

Afterwards I’m creating a welcome packet for each camper. The packets will include:  1) a map of the property so people feel comfortable exploring without fear of getting lost,  2) some driving directions for grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.,  3) a schedule of camp events,  4) a ziplock bag of human candy,  and  5) a ziplock bag of canine treats.

On Saturday afternoon we’ll be welcoming two new students for a cottage package — a private lesson on Saturday evening, a cottage for their overnight stay, and working slots in the Sunday advanced workshop. These two ladies will each get a welcome packet.

Next week we have four ladies staying in cottages and guestrooms and two ladies staying in their RV.  By mid-May I’ll probably have lots of feedback on the welcome packets AND the lunch-break workshops.

The lunch-break workshops seem to be quite popular, with nearly every camper polled giving their preferences but saying they’ll probably attend whatever workshops the group picks.  Interesting …

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