the amazing series of tubes called internet

Yesterday the world discovered a woman named Susan Boyle with the most incredible voice. She was participating in Britain’s Got Talent (the UK version of American Idol — Simon C. owns both I believe).

My friend Vicki called about 2:00 p.m. to tell me to check out the video — when I checked it had half-a-million hits already.  I walked outside to say hello to my Mom, who was on her way to dinner in Zanesville, came back into the house 10 minutes later to look at the video again and it was up to TWO million hits in 10 minutes.

Okay.  She’s got an amazing voice. But the really amazing thing to me, in my mid-50s, is this series of tubes called the internet. Here’s a woman from Scotland who, in 47 years has never been discovered and, in 24 hours TWO MILLION people have clicked on her video. By evening the number was NINETEEN million.

Here’s another situation … a month ago I wrote a blog about Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the idea of this family getting TWO german shepherd puppies. My little blog went from a daily readership of 20-40 people to nearly 400 — all hits stemming from searches for “Gosselin” or “Gosselin German Shepherds.”

Yet another situation … the American Kennel Club (a purebred dog registry, something that seems to get lost occasionally) has decided to allow mixed breed dogs to participate in companion-dog sports.  Dog agility, obedience, and rally will all open up to mixes in about 12 months.

AKC statistics show that 100,000 entries in agility trials went un-filled last year. They want to register mixes and fill those entries. Since my goal is to showcase the talents and skills of rescues and shelter dogs, this meshes nicely with my life plan.

I get to go to AKC trials and chat with spectators about the skills of mixed breed dogs, the capacity of a $75 shelter mutt to earn titles comparable to those of a $1000 purebred dog.

On the internet lists, however, arguments have continued for 2 days. My mailbox has received nearly 100 e-mails (mostly from the same 20 vocal people) with opinions pro and con AKC’s decision. Fifteen years ago I’d have heard this through the grapevine, weeks or months after the decision was made.

So I’m just saying …. this is an amazing series of tubes. Our generation has seen incredible changes in technology, and in skills needed to thrive in this world, and we sometimes feel overwhelmed at the tsunami of technology hitting us every day.

Is it any wonder than people walk around with their eyes on their cell phone / blackberry?  They can get every bit of information they need off the darned thing. “What time is it?” Check your cell phone.  “Where’s the nearest library?” Check your blackberry. “What’s the quickest route to Chicago?” Check your garmin, magellan, or blackberry.

No wonder no one reads anymore and newspapers are in trouble. Speaking of which — I’ve written to our local newspaper three times regarding a free column I’d provide on 2-minute-dog-training-tips. I’ve not been rebuffed so much as I’ve been ignored. They don’t even check their e-mail, probably.

In other news — our shelter’s executive director has set 5-6 weekend dates in the next 7 weeks when he needs volunteers to take dogs to mini-adoptathon events. I’ve notified volunteers and received 2 affirmatives for 2 different dates, but that won’t cover it. I’ve received a call from the organizer of one event asking if we’ll have volunteers.

The shelter will probably end up having to haul dogs and man the booth with employees or board members — our volunteers are enjoying spring weather and checking their blackberries for new on-line videos. And here I sit — blogging. <g>

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