The problem with zootoo (2 of 2 posts today)

There’s an interesting (and depressing, frankly) bunch of articles on the internet regarding the fact that the winner of Zootoo’s “Million Dollar Makeover” didn’t really receive any such thing.

Unbeknownst to the winners, most of their winnings were expected to be made up of discounted work by contractors, free dog food from advertisers, and donated materials. According to one story the 2009 potential winners know not to expect a big check from Zootoo.

Our own little shelter management came in second place last year. Several members of the staff were on the stage when Zootoo promised them “free food forever.”  They received a few coupons and donations of food from a manufacturer and supporter of Zootoo, but it has run out and no more is coming.

Additionally, the major of Marietta promised on camera that a new sign would direct folks from a major thoroughfare to the Humane Society … the new sign hasn’t materialized either.

I read an article some time ago about outrage. The author was asking “where’s the public outrage?”  His question had to do with the bleak economic news, but it applies to everyday disappointments as well. Where’s our outrage? Are we so accustomed to empty promises that we expect to hear them and receive nothing once the cameras are turned off?

I think scamming humane societies and having dog lovers all over the country visiting a website, creating profiles, inviting guests, writing reviews — all to earn points for a million-dollar-makeover for their shelter — is like running a scam on orphanages.

Why pick on shelters, most of whom operate on a shoestring and count on the financial support and goodwill of animal lovers in the area? Why not run a scam on yacht owners?  How about a scam targetting Hummer owners?

Shameful. I’m outraged and irritated. I understand there has been a settlement between Zootoo and the 2008 winner, with some money being awarded (click here for a zootoo journal entry addressing this:

I suppose one should really look a gift horse in the mouth on occasion. <g>

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