I think I was right!

I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 with great interest last evening and I’m convinced I was right in my assessment of the situation leading up to the purchase of two GSD puppies. And I’m pleased I was able to look past my initial response to what must have been the real reasons for the Gosselins getting two GSD puppies.

A. The large, male puppy was named after a big, burly bodyguard in Hawaii (have you ever seen bodyguards on screen?), leading me to believe that bodyguards play a bigger role in the Gosselin’s lives than we see on the show. I’m imagining the countless nut-jobs who seek to contact this family.

B. Jon Gosselin referred to the fact that the male puppy would be a good guard dog. Hopefully the presence of 2 big dogs loose in the yard will discourage the nut-jobs from getting to the house and kids. If I were in their situtation I’d be getting big guard dogs as well.

I actually did a bit of giggling about the lack of preparedness the family experienced. About the breeder suggesting they take the two puppies that day. About the bag of puppy supplies, and the puppy stepping in his own poop, about the puppies eating toys and gloves.

I cringed less than I thought I would. References to the puppies nipping at the young children, and Aiden’s fear of the dogs, made me a little nervous for the family. The idea that the family needs protection was a little unnerving.

But, all in all, I thought it was a good representation of what a family of ANY size goes through when they attempt to get their first puppy for the kids.

I often joke, at the shelter, that I’m IMMUNE to puppies. I see the mess, smell the mess, hear the mess, and I think “I don’t want that in my house.” I’m sure that sometime, somewhere, there’s going to be a puppy face that makes me forget all about the hassle, the smell, and the mess.

In the meantime, life at the shelter and (now) watching the Gosselins raise their puppies, should be all that’s necessary to bolster my immunity to puppy cuteness. <g>

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