teacup agility and c-wags agility

I’ve had “big” dogs for years and had no idea what little dog people were talking about when they complained about big-dog predation on their dogs. Though I do remember that Banner was a bit intimidating to a little dog that had the misfortune to be positioned next to her in long sits and downs 12 years ago, while getting her CD. She didn’t get up and move toward the little dog, she just stared.

When we got Hazard, however, I got to see firsthand how predatory big dogs are towards little, hairy dogs. And how the comments from big-dog people regarding, “my dog just thinks she’s a toy” could be perceived as insulting.

When we first moved here Hazard was 3 years old. Bud would take her to the building during classes and sometimes tie her to a cleat on the wall while big dogs were working. She was rushed and intimidated so many times that she, for a period of several months, refused to do agility in our own building. Instead she would hide under a chair or jump into my lap.

When I attend TDAA events I’m convinced that this is, indeed, THE venue for little dogs. The environment is safer for them, the other dogs less intimidating, and the equipment is sized just right for their physical attributes. AND they’re faced with equivalent challenges as the big dogs face in standard agility.

Shirley Ottmer’s C-Wags agility program is going to be the closest venue to TDAA, with its focus on games, but for all sizes of dogs. We’re looking forward to seeing this new venue during its birth and early years!

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One Response to “teacup agility and c-wags agility”

  1. Suzzie Says:

    I LOVE the TDAA, especially since my beagle mix is not too big to compete as well. It’s funny that he’s a “big dog” in teacup, but a “small dog” in CPE! I just wish someone would come up with a giant breed agility club, with much larger tunnels, wider dog walks, and lower jump heights to allow for their large size and stress on the joints.

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