brochure page 2, “come front”

PAGE 2 of 4 begins outlining the training plan for the first days or weeks of learning the skill. Again, please ignore fonts, sizes and colors. Constructive comments are appreciated.


introduction of “front”



Establish a quiet, non-distracting environment for

every 60-second training session. Add distractions and stressors only after you’re certain the dog understands the exercise and is performing 100% of the time.


If you’re feeding multiple dogs and training only one, take that one dog to another area during mealtimes.


If you run out of time or patience allow your dog to

finish her meal without further training. This training will be more meaningful to your dog if you’re relaxed and upbeat. Take a little break from the stress of the day and play with your dog for 60 seconds.

step 1


Get your dog’s food bowl, sit in a chair, put the food bowl in front of your face, have the dog sit in front of you, and stare at your dog across the rim of the bowl.


When your dog is sitting directly in front of you, pick out a piece of kibble, say “name, front!” and feed for focused eye contact. Repeat this exercise until the

food is gone. If you have time for only a few

repetitions, feed small handfuls of kibble.


Work continuously during the dog’s meal, preventing the dog from breaking off attention and moving from their “front” position. The dog will want to make eye contact and will begin automatically sitting.


If you’re clicker training the sequence becomes “name-front!” – eye contact – click – food.

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