brochure page 1, “come front”

I’m playing with the following format for the 2-minute dog training brochures. It is my opinion that the training must be sound and easy to understand. Additionally the format needs to work for the reader, whether an experienced dog trainer or a complete beginner.

PAGE 1 of 4 describes the program, the specific skill being taught, a total list of supplies needed with those required for THIS brochure in red, and a spot for instructors to add their contact information at the bottom front. Here’s an example — ignore the type faces and sizes, please. Constructive comments are appreciated.

2-Minute Dog Trainer

by Marsha Houston, copyright 2008


Come to Front







(red items will be needed in this training)

Dog’s dinner in a bowl

Eager, hungry dog


6-foot leash

Ottoman or small pause table

Standard jump w/2 removable wings

Tire jump or fixed hoop

Weavepoles w/removable poles

Contact trainer or heavy 12-18″ wide plank




Training provider,

place your sticker or label here.






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