The Paper Trail

My generation clings to paper records because (perhaps) of insecurity with computers and their capacity to retain information. I’m sure part of my problem with computers is that I’ve had 3 of them in 5 years and each time I switch computers I sorely miss the systems with which I grew familiar. As with my last computer, a garbled mess of conflicted electronics, even bad systems can become comfortably familiar.

So now I cling to papers. Stacks of downloaded rules from venue website, descriptions of rally sign performances, countless trial applications, dog registration forms, twelve inches of class registration forms, seven inches of shelter volunteer applications, eight or nine training manuals from seminars or workshops I’ve attended, and 10+ years of old calendars.

Today I pulled all those stacks of paper out and sorted them. I’ve got a huge pile to be burned and I intend, tomorrow, while watching temps gradually climb back into the teens, to be brutal about getting rid of more.

Tomorrow is my day to act as matchmaker and tour guide at the shelter. On Saturday afternoon a local movie theater is marketing the opening day of “Dog Hotel” by inviting our shelter to attend, distribute materials, solicite for volunteers, and bring a dog for demonstrations. My original shelter demo dog, “Blue the savant,” is with her Dad in Washingtonville doing Teacup Agility all weekend, so I’m probably going to take Dash, my 9-year-old aussie, or Bogie, Bud’s 13-year-old sheltie. Dash sometimes isn’t great with crowds, Bogie barks a lot, so it’s a toss up as to which will get to attend the movie premier.

The foundation sport package of training brochures is coming along nicely, and I hope to have first drafts  by the end of this weekend. Once the first drafts are finished I’ll print a set and have someone read the hard copies. My best proof-reader is my Mom because she doesn’t actually do any dog training. If she can understand what I’m trying to say, nearly anyone can.

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