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Last night it got so cold here that the treated lumber on our deck was making loud thumping noises (-2 degrees). And, as always happens when weather is uncomfortable, two of our older dogs had restless nights. Banner had to go outside at midnight with diahrea, then again at 12:30 am. Her feet got so cold she was picking them up and shaking them. Each time she came in I had to clean the mess off her trousers.

At 1:00 am Dash drank a pint of water and blatted it all over the dining room floor. By 1:15 am I had cleaned up the blat, had gotten Dash back indoors, and Banner decided she’d better make another trip outside. It was 2:00 am before I got back to sleep. My red aussies seem to have a more delicate digestive system than the blue aussies, and certainly more delicate than the shelties or the mixes.

The Marietta shelter manager has been taking classes, in addition to running the shelter and raising kids. And now she’s given the board her 2-weeks notice. I’m really tempted to put my application in for the job but it’s been 10 years since I had a day job, and I’m not sure I really want to go back to that schedule.

It’s not so much a problem this time of year but, when we have camps, my day is spent managing dogs, cleaning and cooking for the group meals in the evening. I would have to work half-days during camp (generally Monday through Thursday) and then work long hours on Friday and Saturday. It’s doable. We’ll see what develops.

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