We had a busy morning. Bud left to conduct a TDAA judge’s clinic nearby and I diligently scraped his iced-over windshield while he plugged addresses into his GPS device. After he left I prepared to leave for my hair cut appointment and, before I could stop myself, I hit the wipers on MY iced-over windshield and shredded one of my wipers. Why didn’t I scrape my own windwhield?  While I was running around the Tahoe, picking up pieces of wiper blade, I notice I had 2 low tires. sheesh

My 2 Minute Dog Training “sport foundation package” is in the works. We’re looking for temps in the teens again tomorrow, dipping to -1 degree on Thursday night, so it should be one of those “long, dark winter evenings” that lends itself to the creation of dog-training prose.

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